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RAuKA is a godlike character in the graphic novel I'm writing called "Lunar Samurai".​


RAuKA is a Galactic Spirit from the ancient builder race of time.  This ancient builder race of time are also known as Shamanic Architects. They build new dimensions using multidimensional seed technologies that create organic systems.  

In the Lunar Samurai, RAuKA is the creator of the hidden dimension of the nine.


Available print options for RAuKA

The Lunar Samurai is a tale about a girl named Saber who walks through a star gate to a planet teetering on the brink of destruction. As Saber grows into a powerful warrior on this beautiful planet, Tiamat that might have a different fate. However, Saber is much more than a warrior she is a keeper of a hidden dimension where some the universe’s most powerful beasts roam. Under the moonlight, her crystal katana forged from a star awakens an ancient spirit, named RAuKA. The activation of this powerful sword harnesses the energy from a dimension hidden to most everyone. This hidden dimension RAuKA created is called the Nine. Saber being graced with the power of the Nine may be able to save what some call paradise or she may be completely in over her head.

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