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Olivia has been a featured artist up and down the East and West coasts of America in many art shows, events, and festivals. Her artwork is always transforming and growing towards new possibilities.  When this digital nomad is not traveling to festivals and events.  She works in her current studio, which is located in Atlanta, GA.  

Olivia Curry is a digital artist from the United States who enjoys working with the interplay of organic forms, light, sacred geometry and other tools to bring about her visions. Olivia still involves herself in traditional painting as well; the practice of utilizing different mediums alongside each other creates a strong symbiotic relationship that strengthens her art skills. She operates on a colorful creative frequency that defines the core of her imagination.


Olivia grew up in the forest filling her imagination with nature, science fiction, metaphysics, esoteric knowledge, and meditation, which helped pave the way for her artistic style. Most of Olivia's art is inspired by the visionary journey that the world shows her, kinetic expression, and her connections to everyone she meets.  She aims to bring the spiritual and transformational creative energy that flows into every waking step of life into her artwork.

Though primarily a self-taught artist, Olivia gained invaluable technical knowledge while completing her Bachelors of Science in Computer Animation at Full Sail University in Florida. She has also crossed paths with many artists and teachers along her way.

About the Artist

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